5 Ways to Stay Active While Working From Home

Apr 12, 2020

Has anyone else’s lower back and hamstrings completely seized up already?

Working from home has its perks; I have full access to my kitchen (already running low on quarantine snacks) and at least the dog’s happy. But being housebound isn’t doing much to inspire fitness and keeping active.

Since gyms closed, people are having to get creative with their workouts. In Manchester a man was spotted rowing down the canals. Parents are using old furniture to give their kids obstacle courses in the garden. One viral video even showed a man greasing his hardwood floor with oil so he could pace on the spot without a treadmill.

However if you’re running low on spare picnic benches or vegetable oil, or you’re looking for something more fun than a walk around the block to keep active, we’ve pulled together a few easy options to make sure you keep fit over the next few god-knows-how-longs.

1 – Yoga

The beauty of yoga is that you can do it from anywhere – you don’t even need a mat; a carpet will do fine. Hunching over your desk or dining room table 24/7 means it won’t take long before your muscles get very angry with you. Yoga is a great way to stretch them out and make sure you’re not walking like an 80-year-old when we do get to return to normality. For beginners or those who prefer classes to solo-yoga, there are tons of yoga videos on YouTube and apps that can guide you through your flow.

2 – Cycling

If you’re like me and running just isn’t your thing, there are other ways of exercise that get you out the house. Going on a bike ride means you can get some fresh air and a change of scenery while getting a good workout in. Cycling is actually known to have loads of health benefits too, physically and mentally. It reduces stress levels (hello, needed right now), generates mood-lifting endorphins and is proven to help you fight off common health conditions.

Don’t have a bike? Not a problem. You can hire a folding bike from Brompton Bike Hire for just £3.50 a day or get your own for the long term and become a Brompton Subscriber but of course remembering to keep a safe 2m+ distance from others.

The best part of Brompton Subscription is the bike is yours for the duration of the contract. No returning it to docks or arriving to find no availability so the option to get outside is always there. Plus we take care of all the ownership problems like punctures, insurance and a seasonal service.

3 – Gaming

Unfortunately, The Sims probably isn’t applicable here. I’m thinking more like Wii Fit and Dance Dance Revolution. You can easily order these games online and, if you don’t have a console, there are apps like Zombies, Run! which turns your standard jog into an entertaining fight for your life. And hey, if this is the apocalypse we’d better start prepping our survival skills, like, stat.

4 – Virtual workouts

Thanks to the joy of modern technology, we can attend our usual fitness classes online. Influencers, instructors and PTs are taking this opportunity to keep their businesses afloat, so tuning in is the least we can do to support them. I’m sure you’ve seen Joe Wicks’ morning workout; he’s been broadcasting every day at 9am on his YouTube channel, showing people how to ‘Spiderman’ and bunny hop from home. If you have a PT or a regular Zumba instructor, why not reach out and see if they’re up for livestreaming a class on Instagram or elsewhere?

5 – Play

Just because we have to work from home, working out from home doesn’t have to be all work and no play. Instead of defaulting to stocking your home gym with kettlebells or a new treadmill, why not put in a delivery request for a skipping rope or a weighted hula hoop? Hell, install some monkey bars in your garden or make a tyre swing. Do cartwheels! Chase each other around the garden! Do whatever you can to stop yourself going stir crazy.


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