Top 5 – Cycle routes out of London

Jun 13, 2019

  1. London to Brighton (45 Miles)

The famous London to Brighton bike ride takes place on Sunday for its 43rd year as a fundraising event for the British Heart Foundation. But you can challenge yourself to the ride any other day of the year by following the National Cycle Route 20 from the River Thames at Wandsworth down to the sunny beaches of Brighton’s coast. This 45-mile ride is hard but rewarding –– are you up for the challenge?


  1. The Wandle Trail (12 Miles)

The Wandle Trail follows the River Wandle through a mostly traffic-free path from Wandsworth to Croydon. It’s the beginning section of the London to Brighton bike ride, making it a perfect practice route. With a dozen parks on route and plenty of opportunities to stop at picturesque cafes, this ride would be great as a relaxing Sunday morning cycle.


  1. Putney Bridge to Windsor Castle (30 Miles)

Follow the National Cycle Route 4 as you ride waterside to the Thames from the tranquil parks of Putney to the royal residence of Windsor. Make sure to set off early so that you can fold up your bike and look around the grounds of the oldest and largest occupied castle in the world.


  1. London to Cambridge (60 Miles)

Push yourself that extra mile by cycling the famous Tour De France route through the Essex and Cambridgeshire countryside. Once you arrive, enjoy a relaxing weekend in Cambridge to celebrate your triumph or jump on one of the regular trains back to London Kings Cross.


  1. London to The Chiltern Loop (84 Miles)

Head out on the 84-mile round trip through the remote villages that lie north-west of London. This rural ride starts at the Instagrammable café Look Mum No Hands! and takes you to The Chiltern Hills –– where you can spend your time exploring the rich heritage before looping back to London.


Discover where you can hire a Brompton before embarking on one of these five rides to escape the city. Don’t forget to share your adventure on Instagram and hashtag #bromptonwanderlust.


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